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Creating the Perfect Affiliate Programme

A high-performing, successful affiliate marketing programme starts with clever planning. We offer an affiliate marketing consultancy service to help you structure, create and implement the perfect programme. Take the stress and work out of affiliate programme creation with our tailored affiliate marketing service.

As a highly experienced affiliate management agency we will work closely with you to plan your affiliate marketing programme. Whether you are just starting or already well experienced our team of dedicated online marketers will be able to help you take your programme to the next level.

Steps to Successful Affiliate Programme Creation

Designing the perfect affiliate programme involves asking many important questions, such as:

  • Run programme independently or via a large network?
  • How best to structure the deal with affiliates? How best to reward and motivate them?
  • Where to find the most effective affiliates?
  • What creative material is required and what's it going to look like?
  • etc

Our own experience as both a merchant and affiliate puts us in a great position to be able to answer these questions for you. We currently run our own affiliate programmes and we also act as a superaffiliate for other people's programmes via a network of our own web sites - so we're able to balance the requirements of both parties.

Structuring your Affiliate Programme for high ROI

When properly planned and managed the great thing about affiliate programmes is that there is only a modest fixed cost involved - this covers the set up and ongoing management. Most of the cost is variable and is only incurred when, for instance, the affiliate generates revenue for you. So, the cash risk is relatively small.

Ongoing management is used to ensure the programme remains "relevant" to the affiliates and that it is refreshed on a regular basis.

Our affiliate marketing services go far beyond programme creation and we have a full range of services, including:

Affiliate Marketing

Programme Management

Whether independently or via a network professsionalism is needed.

Affiliate recruitment

Recruitment and retention to generate the reach and returns you need.


Superaffiliates provide the critical mass for an effective programme.

Creative design

The critical element for encouraging your desired consumer behaviour.

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