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Refresh Your Current Website to Improve Its Effectiveness

Why isn't your existing website as effective as you would like it to be? May be it isn't due to a fundamental weakness in the core design. May be it is the sum of many smaller things that together pull the performance down. If it is the latter then it may be possible for us to identify and address these issues without having to do a complete rebuild. This would save time and money.

Perhaps the page navigation needs to be improved, or links between pages. Perhaps the page content is not sufficiently action orientated. Or may be the imagery is not grabbing users' attention. There could be many other reasons too. Ideally we would use analytics data to narrow down the reasons why the site isn't performing. If analytics isn't installed on your website we'd want to do this first and gather a few weeks of data for analysis. Then our conclusions about how to refresh your website would be more certain.

Refresh or Rebuild from Scratch?

It's a judgement sometimes whether a refresh or rebuild is the answer, but we will always be honest about which route we think is best. If the weaknesses in the website's design are too embedded so that refreshing the website will not solve them or if the cost of refreshing is disproportionate then we'll tell you. In this case we would recommend a website rebuild so that you get the website you need at a more reasonable price.

If you are concerned about your website's performance then list the things you are concerned about and contact us to discuss them.

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