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Re-engineer your Website for Improved Effectiveness

Don't let your website's performance deteriorate over time. Websites need constant attention to ensure they keep performing to their best ability. Your competitors will be tracking their website's performance and making changes. As the pace of change increases so the half life of websites reduces all the time.

We can use web analytics data and our knowledge of user behaviour to re-engineer your site. This could be via a refreshment of the site to deal with one or more minor issues (e.g. internal linking). However, if the issues are more serious and fundamental then we might recommend a thorough rebuild.

What Re-engineering Might Be Required?

Poor site performance could be due to many different issues. The reasons that are relevant to your website will determine whether your current site can be refreshed or has to be rebuilt.

  • The site suffers high "bounce rates" on key arrival pages - the first impression of the site does not convince visitors that the website provides the solution they are looking for (even if it in fact does);
  • Visitors struggle to find what they need quickly enough and so exit - perhaps the site's page layout and/or navigation is poor;
  • The website is "text heavy" and since visitors don't tend to "read" but scan they miss the relevant information;
  • There are insufficient calls to actions;
  • etc.

There may also be additional ways to extract extra value from visitors - for instance getting them to sign up to a newsletter. This means you can send email marketing messages to them and if handled responsibly and professionally you should be able to build a relationship with them. It may takle time but if you keep the messages you send to them relevant you may eventually start to extract revenue from them. This could also be allied to social marketing activity.

If you think your website could deliver more to your business and would like help making this happen then contact us to discuss your requirements.

Website Effectiveness

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Analysing how your website & visitors interact.

Performance Measurement

Measure your website's performance to build improvement plans.

ROI Improvement

Get more from your site's online marketing & your site's visitors.

User Behaviour

Optimising your website for typical user behaviour.

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