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One of the most important parts of an affiliate marketing programme is what visitors see: from banner visuals to email campaign designs. Our team of designers work closely with our online marketing team to design great looking visuals that also lead to great click through rates and conversions.

We will work closely with you to understand your business, customers and goals. All of the banners and email campaigns that we design communicate directly to your target audience. To get the most out of your affiliate marketing campaign, you need banners and emails designed specifically to your target market.

Designing Your Affiliate Marketing Material

At Affiniti Media, we approach all of our affiliate marketing campaigns with true professionalism. Affiliate Marketing sometimes gets a bad name online because it is seen as ‘spammy’. However, our affiliate marketing for clients services are professional and reputable. This is shown in our approach to the creative design element.

We ensure that all of our online banners and adverts look great, have engaging copy and speak directly to your target customers. Our marketing and design teams are both very experienced in designing and writing sales-winning ads.

Microsites for Affiliate Marketing

We also provide the creation of microsites for affiliate marketing purposes. Rather than using your main site you may wish to build a simpler site to work in parallel with your main site. Affiliates often prefer this if your affiliate programme targets a small proportion of your overall product/service offering. It's all about the affiliate feeling they can trust you - they need to know that the traffic they provide won't "leak" into other products outside of the programme terms.

We will design and build a microsite that targets your desired consumers. In addition to this, we can also supply paid search and search engine optimisation services to ensure that your microsite ranks high on Google for your key search terms. If you have access to opted-in email lists then you could also use our email marketing service to generate further targeted traffic for your business.

Affiliate Marketing

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Commercial attractiveness, creative effectiveness. A winning combination.

Programme Management

Whether independently or via a network professsionalism is needed.

Affiliate recruitment

Recruitment and retention to generate the reach and returns you need.


Superaffiliates provide the critical mass for an effective programme.

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