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Lead Generation - Use Our "Leads Machine" Service

You may not wish to spend your time building and risk your cash running a marketing campaign to generate new business. Generating sales enquiries may not be your forte, whereas converting enquiries into sales probably is. You can subcontract the generation of sales enquiries to us and we'll bear the marketing risk too. You pay per lead - hence we call this "pay for performance" programme our "Leads Machine" service.

You simply define exactly the specification of the leads that you need. We'll then invest in the online tools to generate those leads - they'll be fresh, hot and pre-screened. All you'll need to do is to commit to buying a certain quantity of leads from us within a specific time frame.

We'll mobilise all our online skills to find the prospective customers you need. We've been running this service since 2004 so we've honed our skills a lot!

It's a Performance-based Service - What does this mean?

It means you get the best of both worlds - you get the fresh leads you need to the specification you need BUT you only pay for each lead when it is delivered to you. We take the marketing risk - if we can't get the leads but have incurred the costs then it's our loss.

Unlike other lead generation businesses we only work with completely fresh data - our strategy is based on micro websites allied to quality online marketing. Our aim is to get sign-ups at the website to your criteria. We don't simply work masses of old data and nor do we make out-bound calls to people who are not in the right phase of the buying cycle. We get people to come to us who we know are searching for your type of product or service. "Leads Machine" is a solution tailored to your requirements. Immediately they register with us we pass the lead to you in whatever manner you wish - email, csv file, or data feed (e.g. HTTP Post or XML) - so that you can act on it immediately while it is hot and fresh.

Benefit From Our Broad Capabilities

Our online capabilities are as deep as they are broad. We started as a lead generation business in 2004 and our online skills have grown in line with the rapid changes in the internet. We take our client business very seriously and we constantly innovate and keep on top of technical developments.

Lead Generation

Leads Machine

Our Lead Generation service - pay per lead for our online marketing skills.

Pay for Performance

You only pay if we perform - that's the benefit of pay per lead.

No Marketing Risk

We convert fixed costs into variable costs and take the risk for you.

Tailored Client Solutions

We shape everything we do around your specific business needs.

Personal Finance

Benefit from our extensive experience in the personal finance sector.

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