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Measuring the Performance of your Website

The old adage that you can only manage what you measure stands true for an online buisness just like any other. Setting objectives or goals for your website and online marketing is vitally important. Once these goals exist you can track performance against them and measure your success. And if not all goals are achieved then you can develop improvement plans.

The goals you set should be a mixture of end results (e.g. revenues) and website/online marketing metrics - things that you know contribute to the end results. And they should be things that can be measured. With web analytics it is possible to measure numerous variables and dimensions of performance.

The sorts of performance measures you could consider tracking via web analytics include:

  • Conversions - i.e. sales, sign-ups, etc (whatever the valuable activity is)
  • Conversion rates - the % of visitors who generate a conversion
  • Bounce rates - the % of visitors who exit immediately on arrival at your website
  • Time on the website or a specific page
  • Website page popularity
  • …there are many others.

And in addition web analytics date can tell you how people use the site - for instance their navigation routes through the site, and the exit pages, etc. Such metrics are then used to determine an improvement plan to increase roi.

HOw We Can Help

We'll help you think through the relevant metrics for your online business (website and online media). Using web analytics the relevant data can be tracked. Over a relatively brief period of time a picture will begin to emerge of both the overall performance and the factors driving that performance.

If you don't feel that you understand why your website and online business is performing the way it is or if you feel that there is untapped potential then contact us. We'll help you improve your return on investment.

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