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Leads Machine - Our Tailored Lead Generation Service

Our lead generation service is a bespoke service without a bespoke price. Our philosophy is about tailoring the search for leads to your exact requirements by understanding what you need and then building everything we do around that understanding. We use all our online marketing skills developed in the tough world of personal finance. But we can operate in any business sector (business or consumer facing).

Enquirer interest is filtered first by the marketing messages we use, then by the website they are taken to and finally by the enquiry form they complete. This means that an enquiry/lead is pre-qualified and because the enquirer is in the research phase of the purchase cycle their enquiry will be as fresh and hot as possible.

The leads we generate for you can be delivered in real time by any means you wish (e.g. email, csv file, or live feed) or if you wish bundled up with others and sent to you at regular intervals.

Pay for Performance with No Marketing Risk

The beauty of our Leads Machine lead generation service is that we take all the marketing risk and you only pay for performance i.e. pay per lead - there are no upfront fees or cash risk to you. You simply need to commit to buying a fixed number of leads. We then generate and deliver these to you and you pay on delivery.

You can use this service in parallel with any website you may already have. However, you may prefer to use our online marketing services to simply drive more relevant traffic to your own website. One, or other or both - it's up to you.

If your business needs more hot, pre-qualified sales enquiries and you don't want to take any marketing risk then you need to contact us.

Lead Generation

Pay for Performance

You only pay if we perform - that's the benefit of pay per lead.

No Marketing Risk

We convert fixed costs into variable costs and take the risk for you.

Tailored Client Solutions

We shape everything we do around your specific business needs.

Personal Finance

Benefit from our extensive experience in the personal finance sector.

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