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Manage Your Email List Effectively with Affiniti Media

Good business starts with great communication. Great email list management can increase customer numbers and improve repeat business dramatically as you are continuing to engage with prospective and current customers. Our email list management service means that you do not have to worry about managing the hundreds or thousands of email addresses you might have in a database. If you are not utilising these effectively for promotional purposes, you are limiting your communication with customers and thus potential sales.

A targeted, well-timed email campaign is proven to increase sales. With our email and newsletter management service, we can ensure you target only the most significant customers and only at the right times. This ensures that the campaign has the highest conversion and return of investment possible.

Maximise the potential of your customer database

Emails, Newsletters and SMS Marketing

SMS marketing can also be highly effective as it goes direct to the intended recipient. It obviously needs to be used with care because it is not subject to the same filtering as emails. For direct response there is little to beat it. We have the technology to deliver SMS at highly competitive rates.

Capitalise on your customer database via email and SMS

Utilising the opted-in email and SMS data you have for your past, present and potential customers is really important. You don't want your competitors to steel these people away. Our email and SMS marketing service will design, create and launch highly targeted and effective campaigns for you. We'll also monitor the effectiveness of the campaign.

Every campaign should be specifically designed and targeted with the audience in mind and the response you want. Want to tell your customers about a new product? Want to entice new sales with a promotional offer? We'll help you generate extra business by capitalising on the latent value of your data.

Email Marketing

Customer Relationships

It's cheaper to keep a customer than acquire a new one!

Monetise Email Data

Generate extra revenue from your opted-in email list.

Proven Email Technology

Robust technology to ensure high deliverability and measurability.

Creative Design

Designing emails for deliverability and effectiveness.

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